New WordPress plugin – Post In Post

So I wrote a WordPress plugin, called Post In Post.

It’s basically a simple plugin to provide admins with a way to browse and insert post content inside other posts.

The main aim was to try to integrate into WordPress as best as possible. It extends the editor interface and provides a browsing tool.

Post In Post - Toolbar Icon

Toolbar Icon

Post In Post - Popup View

Popup View

Content can be inserted inline (i.e. copied into the post content) or as a shortcode (i.e. the content will be inserted at rendering time), and either as full length text or as an excerpt.

The plugin can be downloaded here:

The source code is also available on github.

Please submit issues through github if you run into problems.

One comment on “New WordPress plugin – Post In Post

  1. cyberpanda

    Awesome, don’t you think about update for wp 4? In 4 this plugin doesn’t work anymore (just doesn’t show button in post editor) and it’s a pity!


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