Interesting results trying to optimise a website for a client.

This is the blitz.io results before and after.

In both cases the website run the same Lemonstand installation.

The before setup had a standard cPanel installation with:

Apache 2.2.25
PHP 5.4.21 with XCache
MySQL 5.0.96
2GB Ram

The after setup has:

nginx 1.0.15
PHP 5.5.15 with Zend OPcache  (running as php-fpm)
MySQL 5.5.39
6GB Ram

There is obviously a lot of difference between the two setups.

In the original setup the cPanel setup made it very hard to optimise the server.

The new setup makes better use of the available vCPUs and allow a lot of fine-grain tweaking (e.g available connections).

It has a lot more memory but it but barely seems to touch it – most likely thanks to nginx’s low footprint.

Still needs a bit of work (getting the odd 502 Bad Gateway now and then) but that’s pretty impressive.


One comment on “LEMP vs LAMP

  1. Jordan

    I just started using Nginx about a year and a half ago and I can’t imagine going back to Apache. I love how easy Nginx is to configure, and how little memory it eats up (relatively). LEMP stacks all the way!


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