Fixing Google Analytics integration in Lemonstand V1

With Lemonstand V1 now unfortunately unsupported, we’re starting to see a few random errors appearing now and then that won’t be fixed — e.g. braintree payments fix.

One such problem is the recent deprecation of Google’s auth login system and switch to oAuth2 which throws an error in the dashboard.

Fear not, someone has already created a fix for it and published the code on Github:

Effortlessly applied to a few sites.

Thanks Michael Tully!

2 comments on “Fixing Google Analytics integration in Lemonstand V1

  1. Patrick

    I’ve installed this but am having an issue where it keeps asking me to authenticate by signing into google when I save the analytics settings in lemonstand – did you have the same problem?

    1. bendog

      Hi Patrick.

      Sorry, didn’t have any issues using it.

      Couple of thoughts:

      1. Logout of everything and try again.
      2. Make sure you’re using the correct account – sorry, that may be dumb advice but you never know :)
      3. Post an issue on the original github repo, TuzBot was pretty fast at responding to a PR I had submitted.

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