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Testing your nginx configuration alteration in Gitlab Omnibus

If you’re familiar with nginx, you probably know to run nginx -t to test your config changes are valid before reloading the service. If you are running nginx through the embedded version of Gitlab Omnibus, it’s slightly more tricky. Say you’ve include some additional hosts to it (via nginx[‘custom_nginx_config’]) If you want to test that it’s correct before reloading everything the syntax is: /opt/gitlab/embedded/sbin/nginx -p /var/opt/gitlab/nginx -t Path to nginx, with custom configuration path to…

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Interesting results trying to optimise a website for a client. This is the results before and after. In both cases the website run the same Lemonstand installation. The before setup had a standard cPanel installation with: Apache 2.2.25 PHP 5.4.21 with XCache MySQL 5.0.96 2GB Ram The after setup has: nginx 1.0.15 PHP 5.5.15 with Zend OPcache (running as php-fpm) MySQL 5.5.39 6GB Ram There is obviously a lot of difference between the two…

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