Lemonstand Module – Filebrowser

So I wrote a lemonstand module a while back.

We needed a way for a project to give admin users a different way to upload images and insert them in their content area.

Essentially, it gives a kind of wordpress-like image upload feature to the rich editor..

It’s very experimental, use at your own risk.

Lemonstand Module Filebrowser on Github

When writing it, I ended up stuck trying to hack into existing views. I ended up lodging a feature request, which the awesome guys at Lemonstand promptly completed. I haven’t had a chance to update the plugin yet though.. need to get back to it someday!

Update: There’s now a patch on the github repo to make use of the new event to make it work on existing views. The guys at Lemonstand were actually really quick at fixing this – I was really slow at finding time to fix it

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