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Show custom image sizes in the WordPress’ Add Media popup

Not entirely sure when this appeared in WordPress, I remember searching through the source code a while back to find a way to do this and it wasn’t available then. Anyway, WordPress now has a image_size_names_choose filter that allow you to show your custom image sizes in the Add Media popup. It is very handy if you’re building a website which requires additional sizes. Here’s how it’s done (put that in your functions.php file or…

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New WordPress plugin – Post In Post

So I wrote a WordPress plugin, called Post In Post. It’s basically a simple plugin to provide admins with a way to browse and insert post content inside other posts. The main aim was to try to integrate into WordPress as best as possible. It extends the editor interface and provides a browsing tool. Content can be inserted inline (i.e. copied into the post content) or as a shortcode (i.e. the content will be inserted…

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