Compiling webpay on a cPanel based server

This is more of note-to-self for future reference but other people might appreciate it.

If you have to use the St George webpay API, high five to you first and you’ve probably suffered through trying to install it.

Assuming that you have all the requirements to compile it (swig, php), the only things you need to remember are:

  • You need to compile it using the active php installation from cPanel/WHM, which includes the correct extension direction and devel file.

So you will need to patch the makefilePhp5 make file and edit the values of PHP_EXTENSIONS & PHP_INCLUDE_DIR.

PHP_EXTENSIONS you can get with

php --ini


cat /path/to/php.ini | grep extension_dir

and PHP_INCLUDE_DIR should likely be /usr/local/include/php/ (at least on the CENTOS machine I’m looking at)

That should take care of most of the headache relating to installation.

2 comments on “Compiling webpay on a cPanel based server

  1. April

    For the last couple of months (at least) I have been going back & forth between St George, my web development team & my server provider in an attempt to get the API installed on my server/website.

    Last week I switched from my VPS with to a VPS with as suggested by the St George rep who has been attempting to assist me.

    My web developer has been insisted that is is a server issue, and my server provider has been insisting that is a web development issue.

    It appears that I need a capable web developer who is able to correctly install the API on my server.

    I assume you have experience in doing so & if you are interested, would like to contract you to take a look at my server/website & get this API installed once & for all.

    I am desperate to get this sorted out, without a payment gateway my website is basically useless as the user cannot actually purchase the product!

    I have been going around in circles for months trying to get this sorted even though the St George rep referred to this as a “trivial task that would take 5 – 30 minutes to complete”.

    I am hoping you can help me, you quick reply would be very much appreciated.

    April :)

    1. bendog

      Thanks April.

      I’ve just sent you an email about this.



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